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Fresh Produce

Provenance and quality assurance at every step

Working with our customers and Supply Partners we acknowledge the huge value that recognised quality assurance schemes such as Red Tractor have, clearly demonstrating the benefits of whole chain assurance along with the ethical responsibility to support the local economy and farming community.

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All NCB Supply Partners are accredited, and NCB proactively manage the compliance and certification processes with our own internal quality management system. We ourselves are audited to the same standard to demonstrate we do what we say on the tin. We’re proud to offer a transparent, whole chain assurance and are able to identify where all the food we supply is sourced. We proactively share this information and engage with our customers by providing provenance stories that they can share with their own consumers. We take chefs out to the farms and abattoirs to better understand the processes involved in bringing quality food into their kitchens.


It’s all about the food

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