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Rustic Meal

We believe that our supply partners are equally as important as our customers.

Increasingly, we find that a like mindedness connects us with both our customers and our suppliers sharing a concern for the quality and provenance of the food served to diners in the markets we serve. We value our trading relationship with our Supply Partners enormously and are highly selective about choosing to work with dedicated, proprietor-led businesses who share our values. We embrace their passion and nurture their commitment to sourcing product from a safe, assured supply chain and will not compromise our joint reputation or integrity by reducing the quality or specification.





We endeavour to meet the needs of our customers with a sustainable and affordable proposition with service standards that are professional, reliable and respectful. We see it as our role to support customers with knowledge and information as well as quality products, reliable delivery and fair prices. If you like our story, we’d love to tell you more, so do get in touch..




It’s all about the food

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